Faux Leather Graphite Futon Cover 250

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Here at Futonstogo all futon covers available with matching pillows. Adding pillows and bolsters will defiantly turn you plain futon in to rich looking, comfy sofa.

Faux Leather Graphite Futon Cover is durable upholstery grade leather look woven. This luxurious rich leather looking cover it also Pet friendly! Made from premium, heavy duty grade faux leather that withstands high traffic. Looks like leather, yet pliable and soft like fabric.

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1. Razali on 2/24/2018, said:  

Thank you futonstogo...it really fits to my 6ft by 3ft and 8 inch single bed nicely and it arrived earlier than expected.The colour was beautiful graphite brown...and so very soft faux leather finishing...thank you so much I loving it.

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