Furniture or Pets? You Don’t need to Pick Just One

I have been accused many times of preferring my dogs’ comfort over my furniture’s upkeeping. To be perfectly honest, I have never really seen it this way. From my perspective, my dogs are part of the family and each one loves a specific couch! However, sharing the furniture will require a bit more work in the maintenance department as additional wear and tear will take place. So, how can one provide comfort to the furry loved ones while still maintaining and protecting the furniture, and specifically the couch?

Start by regularly vacuuming the coaches and respective furniture. You can also move the cushions so that the wear is relatively even. Also, try covering the furniture. I found that using slipcovers or furniture covers extends the life of the furniture by reducing wear and tear. Even better, aside from vacuuming the covers, these can also be thrown in the washing machine. Therefore, if your dog ends up becoming muddy and jumps on the coach, the solution is a quick wash instead of having to painstakingly scrub the coach down. The covers are economical and can align with your home’s décor, making its use as one of my favorite ways to make my home pet friendly.

Another idea is avoiding the situation all together by offering your pets an alternative place to relax. Although it may not work with all pets, by providing a soft and comfortable alternative such as a doggie bed, your pets may choose to sit and lay on said bed instead of the couch. If you’d rather your pet not jump on the sofa and furniture, be consistent and persist on moving them to their spot. As you maintain consistency, your pet will learn and will use the doggie bed instead of the furniture. However, persistence is the key to any training and if you lose consistency, you will ultimately lose the battle.

I lost the battle years ago as I enjoy watching television while cuddling up with my dogs. Therefore, I chose to purchase sofas that are made up of pet-friendly materials and created a routine for my dogs. In my case, I acquired furniture made up of microfiber. This material is durable and difficult to stain. However, pet hair does seem to cling to it. I solved the issue by also adding a slipcover. This way, the furniture is always protected. Additionally, I cut down on the shedding of pet hair by regularly brushing them. Furthermore, when the dogs come inside, they are trained to be wiped down immediately. I keep several towels near the door and wipe their paws before they come in.  

You do not have to chose between enjoying your furniture or relaxing on the couch with your dogs. Essentially, the decision is mostly about how to maintain the furniture clean so that your investment lasts. If you can train your pets to be wiped down and use these tips to protect your furniture, harmony in the household will be maintained!

Top 4 Quick Fixes to Keep Your Upholstery Brand New for Years

There’s no other daunting task like giving your home a makeover. New furniture, new paint, new carpet, everything needs to be just perfect. This may take days, but we all know it’s totally worth the effort.

Surely you can take a big sigh of relief that the hard part is over and you can finally enjoy the creative rearrangement to your home. Everything’s set, what next? Maintenance. While most professionals have differing opinions regarding how to care for your furniture, we give you affordable, quick fixes to preserve the look of your home’s new addition.

Flip & Fluff Cushions

We want your sofas to be as comfortable as they were the first time you brought them home. You need to push and poke around to refresh the shape and loft of the cushions. Firmer cushions generally take less fluffing, and squishy ones filled take more, but any cushion that gets sat on should be fluffed at least every few days. I generally fluff mine every night just before I go to bed to keep them looking and feeling great. And it’s no big deal; it takes about a minute at most.

Vacuum the Dirt Away

Dust is easy to see on a light table, and you feel motivated to pull the rag. But even though you do not usually see it, the same amount of dust has settled on your cushion. When we sit on a dusty cushion, dust gets into the fibers and acts as sandpaper, causing the fabric to wear off faster. Therefore, whenever you dust off the wooden furniture, do not forget to take care of your upholstery. So turn on the vacuum and give the cushions a quick clean over. Personally, a small portable vacuum cleaner comes in very handy, powerful and practical.

Have a Trendy Slipcover

Slipcovers have been considered an underrated design for sofas, chairs, and couches. Not anymore. Today, slipcovers are more modern and used as simpler silhouettes of modern furniture. The result is a new cushioned room that embodies this comfortable and modern atmosphere that has exploded from the design world since its inception. Not only can they change the appearance of the existing sofa, but they are fantastic solutions for family pets and children because you can take them away, wash them, and live your life.

Avoid Sunlight and Pollutants

Too much sun can damage the upholstery, which can fade and even ruin the fabric quality. Try to place your upholstery in a place where it is less likely to get in contact with direct sunlight and stay there for long periods. This applies, in particular, to silks or other delicate fabrics. Also, contaminated air pollutants such as boiling steam or smoke can damage the fabric. You can’t always avoid pollutant air, but adequate ventilation can help. It can also help control smells, since cushioned furniture can easily absorb odors.

Just like your brand-new car, your furniture needs that extra care and attention – keeping it shiny, always! A few things to be careful and you’re good to go for years.

The Perfect Fit

Whether shopping for clothes, shoes, formal wear, or undergarments, an individual can spend countless hours in front of a dressing room mirror, agonizing about the perfect fit for a desired appearance.  At least one salesperson is usually stationed in each dressing room to provide support, opinions, and technical knowledge to a customer regarding body type, sizing, and measurement.   

In an ideal world, everyone would always be able to find a perfect fit when it comes to their appearance, but this is often not the case due to numerous factors such as clothing material, variances in sizing, and varying body types.  Thankfully, in the world of interior design and home décor, a perfect fit can be created to align with one’s personality, creativity, and functionality.

Personality characteristics and traits largely impact the way a person will design their space.  One with risk-taking characteristics and a low level of rigidity will seek exciting and unconventional colors and décor, whereas one who is more traditional and conscientious will seek classic and neutral styles, while being mindful of the importance of organization, storage, and order.  An extrovert will create a space that is conducive to social interaction and socialization opportunity, while an introvert will set up space to accommodate a small number of people.  Slipcovers are a unique example of how personality attributes assist one in finding their perfect fit.  Slipcovers are designated into stretch fit and relaxed fit categories.  Stretch slipcovers curve to the exact shape of a piece, while relaxed fit slipcovers are designed to loosely fit a piece of furniture, thus giving a more informal and untailored look.  One who uses a stretch slipcover might be one who seeks perfection, formality, and order, whereas one who uses a relaxed fit slipcover might be less rigid, more open, and more extraverted.

Creativity is a critical concept when it comes to designing a space that fits your identity and vision.  Creativity allows one to think outside of the box in ways that define and express themselves.  An artistic individual might use their creativity to blend various textures, colors, and patterns together.  A more traditional individual may still use their creativity in order to create an organizational and structured pattern for the space.  Creativity is a characteristic that defines an individual, and thus that same creativity allows a person to define themselves through their space.

Functionality is another important factor when it comes to a person and their space.  If an interior space is designed in a way that is not congruent and functional with a person’s activities, hobbies, and patterns, it would not be fitting to that person.  A person should design their area with practicality and functionality in their mind, so that it meets the necessities of everyday requirement and practice.

It is a fairly safe bet to assert that there will never be a perfect fit for everyone when it comes to retail.  In order to achieve optimal fitting and sizing, a garment would have to be specifically tailor made.  Despite this, it is comforting to know that the perfect fit can always and easily be obtained when it comes to home décor when personality, creativity, and functionality factors are applied.

Protecting Furniture from Your Active Lifestyle

Having children and pets can contribute a lot to the wear and tear on you home furnishings.  It is important to protect surfaces and fabric from that extra wear and tear. There are a lot of things that you can do to protect your furniture from the active lives pets and children.  

For all of the upholstered items in your home from dining room chairs to sofas and loveseat you can do things like use a fabric protector like Scotchgard or Guardsman, but if you do not like to use chemicals in the home, consider a washable slipcover for all of your couches and cushions.  Slip covers can be study, stylish, and fitted, so no one even has to know that you just transformed your living space with a completely new look that protects and prolongs the life of your upholstered furniture.

Make sure to keep surfaces clean and polished.  To help with clutter, have a small toy chest in all the areas the kids (or even pets) usually play.  Something that blends in with the other furniture is a great way to blend in all the everyday uses of your house with a more formal look for parties.

If you follow these simple tips, you can be the expert in furniture protection in your own home.  Keep it fun, keep it creative, and keep it clean.

Top 3 Simple Ways to Glam Your Kitchen on a Budget

In most homes, a kitchen is a reflection of one’s lifestyle. Should be practical and functional. It is every woman’s dream to own a modern well finished kitchen. But with the present economic times this has remained just that “dream” for many women. Well, this situation doesn’t have to remain as such for there are several ways you can have a great kitchen with a minimal pocket friendly budget.

To glam one’s kitchen may sound so easy but it is harder than it sounds. In this case consideration should be done according to the uses and size of the family as needs vary. For single people, a mini bar would mean the world while for large families storage is of more importance. Furthermore there are factors to be considered before embarking on redesigning your kitchen as follows;


  • How much do you want to spend?


It is advisable to sit and know what changes you want to make and the effects you want to bring out. Do the math how much it would cost in total then have a look at your finances. Ask yourself few questions; how much do I want to spend? Can I afford it comfortably? According to how you will answer the above questions; go ahead and choose which one suits you best.


  • Your time limit in that house


If it is a family permanent home you would want to give it the best as this is where you plan to spend better part of your life. Get the best materials that are durable and fits your budget like using a laminate instead of a granite countertop. If its rental home; you can do simple remodel to last you as much as you few years.

After putting above into consideration here are top 3 most pocket friendly tips to redesign your kitchen; 

1. Paint/use of wallpaper

Repainting your kitchen is old time way that has been in use for decades to bring new effect on your kitchen .This is more affordable and easy to do as paint is readily available. You can mix two colors to bring out the best or alternatively use a more personalized wallpaper.

2. Change lighting

In modern world lighting has been personalized to bring out certain effects for different rooms in the house. Use of pendant and track lights can bring out the magical effect to your kitchen.

3. Small Detail retouch

Changing of minor things can make an imaginable change in your kitchen. Getting a new classic dish rack or placing a nice vase at the center of kitchen counter. Repainting the drawers or changing the shelf liners could bring a new look to kitchen cabinet. You can change the kitchen floor by use of modern easy methods such Gerflor stick on vinyl; a simple versatile solution that can be ran on top of other floor layer.

So, there you have it; no need to have this dull unattractive kitchen due to financial limitation. Apply the above tips to give your kitchen a new makeover.