Top 3 Simple Ways to Glam Your Kitchen on a Budget

In most homes, a kitchen is a reflection of one’s lifestyle. Should be practical and functional. It is every woman’s dream to own a modern well finished kitchen. But with the present economic times this has remained just that “dream” for many women. Well, this situation doesn’t have to remain as such for there are several ways you can have a great kitchen with a minimal pocket friendly budget.

To glam one’s kitchen may sound so easy but it is harder than it sounds. In this case consideration should be done according to the uses and size of the family as needs vary. For single people, a mini bar would mean the world while for large families storage is of more importance. Furthermore there are factors to be considered before embarking on redesigning your kitchen as follows;


  • How much do you want to spend?


It is advisable to sit and know what changes you want to make and the effects you want to bring out. Do the math how much it would cost in total then have a look at your finances. Ask yourself few questions; how much do I want to spend? Can I afford it comfortably? According to how you will answer the above questions; go ahead and choose which one suits you best.


  • Your time limit in that house


If it is a family permanent home you would want to give it the best as this is where you plan to spend better part of your life. Get the best materials that are durable and fits your budget like using a laminate instead of a granite countertop. If its rental home; you can do simple remodel to last you as much as you few years.

After putting above into consideration here are top 3 most pocket friendly tips to redesign your kitchen; 

1. Paint/use of wallpaper

Repainting your kitchen is old time way that has been in use for decades to bring new effect on your kitchen .This is more affordable and easy to do as paint is readily available. You can mix two colors to bring out the best or alternatively use a more personalized wallpaper.

2. Change lighting

In modern world lighting has been personalized to bring out certain effects for different rooms in the house. Use of pendant and track lights can bring out the magical effect to your kitchen.

3. Small Detail retouch

Changing of minor things can make an imaginable change in your kitchen. Getting a new classic dish rack or placing a nice vase at the center of kitchen counter. Repainting the drawers or changing the shelf liners could bring a new look to kitchen cabinet. You can change the kitchen floor by use of modern easy methods such Gerflor stick on vinyl; a simple versatile solution that can be ran on top of other floor layer.

So, there you have it; no need to have this dull unattractive kitchen due to financial limitation. Apply the above tips to give your kitchen a new makeover.

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