The Perfect Fit

Whether shopping for clothes, shoes, formal wear, or undergarments, an individual can spend countless hours in front of a dressing room mirror, agonizing about the perfect fit for a desired appearance.  At least one salesperson is usually stationed in each dressing room to provide support, opinions, and technical knowledge to a customer regarding body type, sizing, and measurement.   

In an ideal world, everyone would always be able to find a perfect fit when it comes to their appearance, but this is often not the case due to numerous factors such as clothing material, variances in sizing, and varying body types.  Thankfully, in the world of interior design and home décor, a perfect fit can be created to align with one’s personality, creativity, and functionality.

Personality characteristics and traits largely impact the way a person will design their space.  One with risk-taking characteristics and a low level of rigidity will seek exciting and unconventional colors and décor, whereas one who is more traditional and conscientious will seek classic and neutral styles, while being mindful of the importance of organization, storage, and order.  An extrovert will create a space that is conducive to social interaction and socialization opportunity, while an introvert will set up space to accommodate a small number of people.  Slipcovers are a unique example of how personality attributes assist one in finding their perfect fit.  Slipcovers are designated into stretch fit and relaxed fit categories.  Stretch slipcovers curve to the exact shape of a piece, while relaxed fit slipcovers are designed to loosely fit a piece of furniture, thus giving a more informal and untailored look.  One who uses a stretch slipcover might be one who seeks perfection, formality, and order, whereas one who uses a relaxed fit slipcover might be less rigid, more open, and more extraverted.

Creativity is a critical concept when it comes to designing a space that fits your identity and vision.  Creativity allows one to think outside of the box in ways that define and express themselves.  An artistic individual might use their creativity to blend various textures, colors, and patterns together.  A more traditional individual may still use their creativity in order to create an organizational and structured pattern for the space.  Creativity is a characteristic that defines an individual, and thus that same creativity allows a person to define themselves through their space.

Functionality is another important factor when it comes to a person and their space.  If an interior space is designed in a way that is not congruent and functional with a person’s activities, hobbies, and patterns, it would not be fitting to that person.  A person should design their area with practicality and functionality in their mind, so that it meets the necessities of everyday requirement and practice.

It is a fairly safe bet to assert that there will never be a perfect fit for everyone when it comes to retail.  In order to achieve optimal fitting and sizing, a garment would have to be specifically tailor made.  Despite this, it is comforting to know that the perfect fit can always and easily be obtained when it comes to home décor when personality, creativity, and functionality factors are applied.

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