Furniture or Pets? You Don’t need to Pick Just One

I have been accused many times of preferring my dogs’ comfort over my furniture’s upkeeping. To be perfectly honest, I have never really seen it this way. From my perspective, my dogs are part of the family and each one loves a specific couch! However, sharing the furniture will require a bit more work in the maintenance department as additional wear and tear will take place. So, how can one provide comfort to the furry loved ones while still maintaining and protecting the furniture, and specifically the couch?

Start by regularly vacuuming the coaches and respective furniture. You can also move the cushions so that the wear is relatively even. Also, try covering the furniture. I found that using slipcovers or furniture covers extends the life of the furniture by reducing wear and tear. Even better, aside from vacuuming the covers, these can also be thrown in the washing machine. Therefore, if your dog ends up becoming muddy and jumps on the coach, the solution is a quick wash instead of having to painstakingly scrub the coach down. The covers are economical and can align with your home’s décor, making its use as one of my favorite ways to make my home pet friendly.

Another idea is avoiding the situation all together by offering your pets an alternative place to relax. Although it may not work with all pets, by providing a soft and comfortable alternative such as a doggie bed, your pets may choose to sit and lay on said bed instead of the couch. If you’d rather your pet not jump on the sofa and furniture, be consistent and persist on moving them to their spot. As you maintain consistency, your pet will learn and will use the doggie bed instead of the furniture. However, persistence is the key to any training and if you lose consistency, you will ultimately lose the battle.

I lost the battle years ago as I enjoy watching television while cuddling up with my dogs. Therefore, I chose to purchase sofas that are made up of pet-friendly materials and created a routine for my dogs. In my case, I acquired furniture made up of microfiber. This material is durable and difficult to stain. However, pet hair does seem to cling to it. I solved the issue by also adding a slipcover. This way, the furniture is always protected. Additionally, I cut down on the shedding of pet hair by regularly brushing them. Furthermore, when the dogs come inside, they are trained to be wiped down immediately. I keep several towels near the door and wipe their paws before they come in.  

You do not have to chose between enjoying your furniture or relaxing on the couch with your dogs. Essentially, the decision is mostly about how to maintain the furniture clean so that your investment lasts. If you can train your pets to be wiped down and use these tips to protect your furniture, harmony in the household will be maintained!

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