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by Becky Miller

The Plateau Experience

80,000 Square Feet of Aesthetics, Relaxation, Fitness and Culinary Excellence...and Futons

Imagine looking out over a lush garden, and beyond, the expansive Victoria Harbor that borders Hong Kong. Hear the gentle whirring of treadmills, splashing water, the clink of silverware on dishes. Smell fresh, pure oxygen mingling with aromatherapy oils in scents of sandalwood, lemongrass, myrrh. Relax into the firm, kneading strokes of an extravagantly expensive massage, then rinse away the last of the tension in a rain shower. To complete the luxury experience, slip between the sheets of a futon bed.


Yes, you did just see the words “futon” and “luxury” in the same sentence. They come together harmoniously at Plateau, a new concept in hoteliery that combines health, relaxation and indulgence. Located on the 11th floor of the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, Plateau is spa, hotel, salon, fitness center, restaurant and garden all tied together.
As part of the healthful, total relaxation experience, and integral to the sleek Asian modern interior design, futons play a main role in the guest suites. Architect John Morford, Plateau’s designer, chose the custom-designed futon beds.

“Futons were chosen to allow most treatments of  Plateau to be conducted in the guestrooms, including a wide variety of massage treatments, facials, body wraps and scrubs,” said Portia Lau, the marketing communications manager for the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong.

A Japanese futon company supplied the 80-percent-cotton beds, which measure 80 inches by 63 inches by three inches.

“Guests love the ‘Residential Spa’ concept allowing them to enjoy treatments in the privacy of their own guestrooms and also the fact that they can continue the relaxing experience without having to leave the rooms after the treatment,” Lau said.

What does this placement mean for the futon category? Hopefully it’s an indication that  around the world are beginning to look at futons as “real” furniture; stylish pieces that have a place in the homes of the über-rich.

The next time anyone says “pallet and pad,” show them this as a counterpoint. Yeah, we know that a futon mattress on the floor isn’t what most American shoppers are looking for, but design trends start somewhere, and we think this just might help consumers to view what we all do in a very positive light.


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