Industry Updates part 1

KD Futon Frames Moves Into Larger Facility

Knock Down Futon Frames is now completely under one roof. Consolidating production, office, and warehouse into a 25,000 square foot building with room to grow. Look for new products coming soon, some of which will be ready for the Philadelphia Futon Expo.

The company also announced its new web site for wholesalers. “We wanted to create a place online where our existing and new futon dealers could see what we make and download printable (pdf) instruction sheets for all our products . We also provide a mechanism for consumers to find a dealer in their local area,” said company President Alan Bowden.

Night And Day Furniture Expands Rattan Futon Line

Night and Day Furniture says company spokesman Mike Gallawa “is setting trends. Our rattan futon line is growing and getting plenty of attention.”

“ The Rosebud has been amazing, and the truth is my customers want more,” says Gallawa. “So we have added two new models for 2004. Fresh new models for a new season.” The new models are the Iris and the Orchid. Both are part of Night and Day Furniture’s Floral Collection which includes the Rosebud , Magnolia and Tulip tables. “We introduced the original Rosebud and Magnolia in 2002,” said Gallawa. “They were immediate hits. Clearly there was a need for something new like this. What really worked about the Rosebud line was that it is real rattan furniture, nothing less.”

“ The Iris is big, grand and luxurious, with a surprising and striking new look. The Orchid, on the other hand, is so classic that you can practically see Mr. Hemingway in Havana lounging on it! Plus, our SHOE FITTINGS™ system is featured on every rattan futon frame we sell,” he said.

See the complete Night and Day Furniture Floral Collection at the FAI Expo in Philadelphia. Booth number 722.

New Gold Bond Website Brings Futon Consumers to Futon Retailers

Futon and mattress shoppers seeking online product information can now find Gold Bond’s complete sleep product line on its new website. Futon, specialty and conventional futon mattresses are fully illustrated and described in detail. The site is consumer-oriented, Gold Bond President Bob Naboicheck notes.

Sales leads generated at the new website will be forwarded to authorized Gold Bond retailers. Gold Bond has been championing futons for over 25 years. The company is a pioneering and driving force behind the success of the futon industry. Gold Bond is one of the nation’s largest independently owned and family operated futon mattress producers, and is the futon industry’s largest manufacturer, with dealers in 49 states and 12 countries. The company’s105 year history, company news releases, product updates as well as new introductions are also included.

Anniversary Sale a Unique Holiday for Retailers

Whether a retailer has been in business for 1 year or 100 years, when they focus attention on their store’s anniversary, they demonstrate to their customers and community that they have a stable, successful company.

Dismar Corporation, a NJ based company that specializes in sales promotions and point-of-purchase display items, is announcing a new “Anniversary Sale” sign theme.

This new theme has 16 coordinating formats, including giant outdoor banners, motivating signs and employee buttons. The program offers retailers everything they need to celebrate their success and attract customers. Graphics feature a dark blue background with eye-catching gold stars and crisp white SALE copy that generates interest and increases impulse buying.

The “Anniversary Sale” theme comes in three economical kits. The largest kit, the Traffic-Building Party Kit or TPK kit has 400 pieces and retails for $199.

Dismar also offers a 36-piece Super Sign Kit for $72.95 and a 22-piece Budget Sign Kit for $39.95 each. The pre-packaged sign kits and all of the “Anniversary Sale” components can be purchased individually.

Omni Softgoods—Turning Your Dreams Into Reality

Throughout the past twenty years Omni Softgoods Futon Covers has been growing its standard product line to include items for throughout the home. Items such as duvet covers, shower curtains, window treatments, throws and dog beds have become frequently ordered best sellers, and in the past year the custom work department has taken center stage. “Retailers come to Omni when they have custom work because they know what they’ll get is exactly what they ordered, and the quality is what they have come to expect from Omni,” says General Manager Marcia Nachreiner, “The diversity of the products and versatility of the seamstresses have given Omni the cutting edge when it comes to custom work. Whether it is Omni fabric or fabric provided by the customer, custom products ship out within 7 days.”

Also, unveiled in early January, Omni’s user friendly, two-tiered website, has been wildly successful. “When developing the website, one of our focus points was to help consumers find what they are looking for and then direct them to a retailer nearby,” says Nachreiner. “Another focus point was to give our futon retailers a place they could go to access our information immediately. The website showcases the versatility, beauty and value of Omni products. The site is continuously updated, so check back often to see what is new!”

Create and Differentiate with Color, Texture, and Pattern from CottonBelle

“One size does not fit all,” according to trend analyst Leatrice Eiseman. “The one thing companies need to realize is that there is no one thing in home furnishings anymore.” Today, influences on decorating include do-it-yourself shows, demographics, active lifestyles and a landscape of fabrics that are more diverse than ever.

Cotton Belle will be introducing nearly 40 new prints and wovens that resonate with unexpected color, appealing texture and bold patterns – guaranteed to provide something for everyone at all price points. Color palettes include soft, spa-inspired blues and greens, bright pinks, apple greens, chocolate browns and, of course, reds and oranges. Go back to the sixties with bold patterns and color or off to the beach with pink flamingo and hammock patterns.

New textures include linen, heavy basketweaves and the softest most luscious chenille ever. Patterns range from botanically inspired designs to Art Deco and Asian influences. Casual luggage stripes pair with washable chambrays at an incredible value in category B.
One super trend for 2004 is piecing – assembling various fabrics on one sofa or pillow. Mixing fabrics that are polar opposites – solids, textures, prints and stripes – creates unlimited combinations. CottonBelle continues to expand its collections of Contemporary, Retro, Transitional, and Arts and Crafts fabrics. Microfiber and water, fade, and stain resistant fabrics are enjoying great popularity.

CottonBelle is betting on a strong spring and summer emphasizing differentiation and customization as a way to capture market share. See all of these new introductions at the Futon and Specialty Sleep Show in Philadelphia.


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