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  • Poll 3: Why did you buy your futon?
    Cast your vote, see immediate results for current market statistics.
    In your experience, what is the most important aspect of your decision to buy futon furniture?
    Comfort Utility, Dual Purpose, Ease of use, Portability, Price Point, Product Knowledge, Quality
  • Poll 4: Futon Cover or Futon Slipcover?
    Cast your vote, see immediate results for current market statistics.
    Futon Cover - Reinvented? New addition to futon industry. See what you think about this zipper-less futon cover with skirt. Which one would you buy?

Archived Surveys


Archived Surveys

04 Retailer Survey: Two hundred and sixty four retailers responded to this year’s industry survey, making this the largest turnout ever. We also collected verbatim remarks from many, and this is what they want (in case any manufacturers out there are listening). Read more...

02 Industry Focus: Exclusive Consumer Survey Results: Lauretta Converse hit the streets running and spoke to over 160 shopping consumers and got their opinions on owning and buying futon furniture, what price points they are willing to pay, and what their product preferences are.

Exclusive 2001 Retail Survey Results: Futon Life outlines the results of our most recent retailer survey. Things are looking up for the industry on several fronts. Read all about it here.

Secret Shopper Survey - Winter 2000-2001: Lauretta Converse went on the road as Ms. Consumer and visited about twenty different retailers. From “Big Box” to “Mom’n Pop,” (and everything in between) she asked the questions, looked at the merchandising, checked out the sales, and shopped ’til she dropped. Find out what she learned in this Futon Life EXCLUSIVE! Lauretta Converse spoke to 150 typical consumers and they told her volumes about what they really think when they hear the words “futon furniture.” Ninety-two percent know what a futon is, but only fifty percent would buy one. Find out why!

Advertising Survey - Spring 2000: This latest in a long series of EXCLUSIVE surveys by Futon Life details the advertising habits of the American Futon Retailer (tyranaretailus promotum). Not all of them like it, but a huge percent of them (72%) do it every day.

Regional Price Point Survey - Winter 1999-2000: This latest in a long series of EXCLUSIVE surveys by Futon Life details the best selling price points for the five regions of the United States from the North East to the West Coast. Get the numbers and be wise.

1997 Industry Retail Survey: - We asked our retail audience ten probing questions that define store type and size, overall retail sales figures, a profile of the consumer and his/her buying habits, the most popular price points, and product volume. It is our hope that a careful analysis of all these valuable statistics will help retailer and manufacturer alike better navigate the market and find a profitable route in our stable and still growing economy.

1996 Industry Retail Survey: - The largest proportion of responses come from futon specialty stores, with all sections of the country represented nearly equally at 31 - 40 percent. Contemporary/ Lifestyle furniture stores also are uniform at 15 - 20 percent. Other outlet types, however, show greater variability between regions, although some of this may be an artifact of fewer stores in these categories.

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