Micro Suede Sea Foam Click Clack Futon Cover 29 Full 5 pc pillow set

SKU# 31-029 55
ID# 5786
Micro Suede Sea Foam Full size skirted futon cover with pillows and bolsters offers an extraordinary feel that makes this microfiber suede cover pleasing to the touch as well as the eye. Provide an instant freshness and award you with a unique style.

Made for futon or click clack with back up to 75 inches wide. Set includes one cover, two pillows and two bolster pillows. Easy to apply or remove. Conceals the front and back of the futon frame.Front skirt can be folded for exposed front appearance.
SizeFull 5 pc pillow set
TypeClick Clack Futon Cover
Fabric Contentsmicro suede, sussex
CareCold Wash / Gentle Cycle
BrandEasy Fit
SKU31-029 55
ManufacturerEasy Fit
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